The exceptions module provides utility classes that inherit from python Exception class. These errors can be used to provide more useful debugging information to the user.

exception pyshgp.exceptions.EmptyCharacterException

Exception that is raised when a Character object is empty.

exception pyshgp.exceptions.LongCharacterException

Exception that is raised when a Character object is too long.

exception pyshgp.exceptions.PushVectorTypeException(vec_typ, el_typ)

Excepton that is raised when a element of an incorrect type is added to a PushVector.

exception pyshgp.exceptions.UnknownGeneticOperator(name)

Exception that is raised when an unknown genetic operator is specified.

exception pyshgp.exceptions.UnknownPyshStack(stack_name)

Exception when a pysh state is asked to return an unknown

exception pyshgp.exceptions.UnknownPyshType(thing)

Exception when a pysh type is expected.

exception pyshgp.exceptions.UnkownEpigeneticMarker(marker)

Exception when a unknown epigenetic marker is found.